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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 22 October 2010 17:06

National Preparedness Month

Written by  AL BERMAN, CBCP

Recent history demonstrates the need for greater preparedness. Events such as the World Trade Center attacks, Katrina, and the annual hurricane season serve to emphasize this need in the month of September. Particularly in the United States, the first month of autumn has taken on special meaning for the business continuity community, emergency managers, and those interested in creating better preparedness. September seems to have naturally become the month to focus on planning and preparedness for many organizations. Domestically, the Department of Homeland Security through its www. ready.gov program, FEMA with Citizens Corps (its safe communities program), and the Ad Council have established September as National Preparedness Month. DRI International is proud to announce that it has joined a coalition of organizations, both public and private, to highlight and focus attention on September as the official month of preparedness in our businesses, our communities, and in our homes. Given our commitment