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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 22 October 2010 17:01

Using Image-Based Methods to Re-think Data Protection and DR Strategies

Written by  JASON MATTOX

Most enterprises and even many SMBs have overcome the initial challenges of virtual technology adoption. This involves determining how to plan and deploy virtual servers to consolidate physical infrastructure and reduce costs. These organizations are now faced with what have been called “Step 2” problems, which are the challenges that start to appear when attempting to operate virtual environments efficiently. These problems are not so simple to solve, requiring newly defined best practices and altered operating procedures to accommodate real differences in the virtual environment. This article will focus on the data protection “Step 2” challenge. Most organizations protect data in virtual machines (VMs) as if they are working with physical systems. They deploy back-up agents into the VMs and use them to back-up and recover the many individual files from each VM. They often do nothing to protect the VM image itself. This approach is less than ideal: not only