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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 23:21

Best Practices for Strategic Records Management

Written by  JAMAL POWELL

One of the keys to successful and rapid disaster recovery is effective records management. In the past, the records management role was simple and non-strategic. However, today’s records managers are tasked with reducing risk in many areas, including data breaches, improper storage, destruction of information, and lack of employee compliance. Any type of risk has the potential for financial, reputational, and even criminal consequences if not managed effectively. Now, records managers are integrated into the functionality of the businesses. They are responsible for identifying the need to embrace new technologies, adhering to specific records, laws, and policies, and driving greater efficiency and cost reduction. Having a keen awareness of the records management environment and adjusting their approach and management techniques to their particular program is critical to success. With an increased level of records and data, and additional records legislation, records management risks are compounded. At times, records managers may feel as