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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 05:00

A Planning Guide for Backup and Restore: From Every Day Casualties to Extreme Disasters

Written by  Chris Schin

High-profile disasters like Hurricane Sandy are the consummate wake-up call for companies to finally get serious about backup and recovery. Yet as organizations look for help preparing for big, unforeseen events, they often overlook recovery practices better suited to the mishaps that are the more common threat to business continuity. More so than hurricanes or flooding, hardware and software failures along with human error are the primary culprits of system downtime. According to a 2013 disaster recovery report published by a vendor, hardware failures alone constituted more than half of the system breakdowns, while software failures accounted for 18 percent of system downtime, typically due to faulty patch strategies or malware infections. Human error – someone inadvertently wiping out a file system or deleting an important file, for example – was the root cause of 22 percent of downtime compared with those headline-grabbing natural disasters, which were to blame in only