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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 18:26

Challenging the 'Why' of Small Business Preparedness

Written by  Mark R. Lupo, CBCP, University of Georgia SBDC

Why is it that so few small businesses prepare for emergencies? Or is that even the right question? Maybe the question should be more along the lines of “why do so few small businesses focus on preparedness in response to the avalanche of messages prompting them to do so?” Just to recap some of the statistics out there, one business continuity vendor says that 25 to 60 percent of businesses that do not have a plan never reopen after a disaster. A 2010 article from the Gartner Group, published in Homeland Security Today (Gartner: only 6 percent of companies survive longer than two years after losing data), states that 94 percent of businesses that lost their business data (i.e. did not have an effective data back-up plan), failed after two years. Melinda Emerson, in her blog entry from June 2013 “Does Your Small Business Have An Emergency Preparedness Plan?," states: "Natural