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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 17:54

Emergency Management Training

Written by  John Bennett, CBCP, CRISC, PEM, ITBMC

The skies darken and warning sirens wail in the distance. People scramble to their shelters. Several of the curious are standing at their windows or doorways hoping to catch a glimpse of the incoming cone of devastation or thinking they may be able to film it and post to social media. Hail falls and covers the ground like a coat of lumpy snow. It starts to melt almost as fast as it came. The sound is heard in the distance. It sounds as if a train is coming, but there are no rails in the area. Within minutes the twister rips through the town causing massive areas of desolation in its wake. Many homes and businesses are damaged and several destroyed. The power is out for miles around. The warning sirens are now silent, and there is a sigh of relief given now that the danger is past. Luckily for the residents,