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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 05:00

Enabling Master Data Management Capability

Written by  Aaron Brisendine

Master data is the information underpinning enterprise-wide operations and can include supplier information, software applications, employees, locations, and resources. Creating a master data management (MDM) capability has many challenges, however, including organizational, technical, and legacy data quality. Typically, data is spread among a variety of systems, leading to disparities in the data content across the application portfolio. As an organization tackles the challenge of implementing an MDM solution, they must create a base set of quality master data from their existing legacy data content. At the same time, they must ensure new data content conforms to the standards and rules identified by its stakeholders. This will allow an organization to maintain the high data quality that an MDM capability strives to achieve. Leveraging a data custodian to manage and oversee the incorporation of legacy data, in order to create a baseline of quality master data across systems, is a critical