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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 17:37

Preparing For The Inevitable Disasters

Written by  Bob Arnold, DRJ President

Fires. Floods. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Unfortunately these types of natural disasters are happening all over the world, but it seems with very little attention. Perhaps this is because we’re becoming more used to natural disasters or maybe it’s because most people simply don’t know how to prepare for and respond to these inevitable occurrences. It’s really hard to understand why the King Fire in northern California fire this past summer or the devastation left behind by Hurricane Odile that struck Mexico and California didn’t resonate with more people. This is why what we do is so very important. You and I understand that people, businesses, governments, cities, and decision-makers don’t need to stand-by and watch this happen. Planning, preparation, knowledge, and communication all add up to ensuring that our homes, businesses, towns, cities, and infrastructure are ready and prepared when a natural disaster strikes. Small steps such as having a home fire drill plan,