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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 18:51

Step Away from the Infrastructure

Written by  Carl Berglund, Senior Technical Business-Development Leader, DH2i

Data protection includes a broad array of activities from archiving and backups, through replication and disaster recovery; all of these activities require increasingly staggering budgets to build, maintain, and manage the infrastructure that supports them. The problem with these data-protection activities is that they’ve become more focused on the underlying infrastructure than on preserving the availability of the applications and their data. And none of these activities has value without assured access to business-critical applications. This certainly wasn’t the intention. SQL Server, the world’s most prevalently deployed platform for managing business-critical data, has developed a vast ecosystem designed to protect data and keep it available for business use. Server virtualization abstracted physical machines into virtual machines that were designed to run a specific operating system and applications, encapsulating all of that into a form that could be moved as needed for maintenance or disaster recovery. Over time, these SQL Server environments