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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 03 October 2014 19:40

Water, Water Everywhere

Written by  Ken Shroeder, MCP, MBCI

Toledo, Ohio, July 2014 A green algae bloom, moved westward from normal wind patterns, hovered directly over the water intake to the Toledo drinking water intakes. The toxins from the algae are not removed by normal treatment processes, and otherwise normal “emergencyprocedures to boil contaminated water does not destroy the toxin but rather concentrates it. The resultant order to “don’t drink, don’t brush teeth, don’t bathe” resulted in a massive effort to deliver bottled water en-masse to the affected area. The National Guard troops trucked in water bowsers to dispense water. Why was this unique? There wasn’t a water shortage. It just wasn’t treatable by normal methods. Hospitals had to suspend normal sterilization techniques and send instruments out of the affected area for sanitization and suspended all but emergency surgeries. Thousands were affected. Only a cooperative partnership with local emergency authorities, military, and private suppliers avoided a catastrophe until the winds changed,