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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 26 October 2015 05:00

7 Easy Steps to Weather any DR Storm

Written by  Ian McChord

Your company’s risk landscape is constantly changing. There’s a wide scope of factors to take into account, from weather-induced regional risks to the potential chaos provoked by cybersecurity breaches. Two vendor surveys recently found that 54 percent of organizations lack the intelligence they need to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks, and companies continue to overlook threats like ransomware and stolen credentials. As an IT manager, you need to be ready to spring toward instant recovery mode at any time, pivot your approach when needed, and keep your employees and data in line to prevent incidents before they wreak havoc. Attempting this is messy unless you have a plan. Evaluate your risks, your strategy for weathering physical and digital storms, and your preparedness to bounce back one step at a time. Step one? Create a checklist of everything you’ll need before, during and after a disaster.Understanding the risksEnterprise IT teams frequently hear from