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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 00:00

Active Shooter Fallout

Written by  THOMAS MAGEE

Hesston, Kansas, is the picturesque Midwestern town. Hesston is located 36 miles north of Wichita. It is very much a town like the stereotypical American small towns Norman Rockwell painted years ago. According to the 2010 census it has a population of 3,709 people. The only stranger in the town is the person who just arrived. Hesston is such a peaceful community it supports four different Mennonite churches and a Mennonite Junior College. Yet this peaceful town located in what some people call “flyover land” still had an active shooter incident. On Feb. 26, 2016, all of that was shattered. Cedric Ford was a person with a checkered past before settling in Hesston. He worked at the lawn mower factory in town called excel industries. One coworker described Ford as a normal guy. That day Ford was served with a protection order filed by his girlfriend. She accused him of domestic abuse.