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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 10 August 2017 19:50

Crisis and Reputation Management in the Age of Cyber and Physical Threats to Corporate Workplaces


Crisis. Disaster. Attack. These emotionally charged words catapult our brains into overdrive. You’ve heard it countless times: be proactive. Maybe you roll your eyes and say, “I know.” Perhaps it is coupled with an audible groan of annoyance. We hear you. But be practical. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed or you will suffer decision paralysis. If the thought of tackling the unknown beast has you breathing into a paper bag, you won’t glean much benefit from this article, and you will make mistakes when the real thing happens. Best place to start: slow down and take a deep breath. After you have calmed yourself, assess the situation. Only then will you have the clarity to focus on the future. If you don’t know from where you are starting, you will end up spinning your wheels, wasting time and money, and losing your opportunity to take control of the situation from the outset. Anticipating Workplace Threats If