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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 02 August 2018 21:06

If Your BCM Program Isn’t Fun You’re Probably Doing It Wrong


If you work in business continuity management, you have probably heard something like “business continuity is boring,” or it is “just a check-box” and how plans “sit on a shelf and collect dust.” “If you need to help get to sleep at night read your business continuity plan.” I attended a conference where the speaker, after identifying himself as a “certified business continuity professional,” went on to describe how awful it is to work in BCM. “Emergency management is engaging and interesting,” he said. “BCP is a grind.” People run away when asked to participate in a BCM program. People hate doing it, though they sometimes grudgingly admit it may be useful. If you have worked in business continuity management you have heard this. You may have even said it yourself. Whenever I hear anything like this, I have one thought: You are doing it wrong. We all come to BCM from doing