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BIAs That Don’t Suck

Please rank the following three items from one to three, with No. 1 being the item you wish to do most: Listen to your Uber driver’s thesis on everything; Talk politics over Thanksgiving dinner; or Conduct a business impact analysis (BIA). This article is for those...

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Unexpected Disasters

Everyone knows they should be prepared for disasters that could disrupt their business. We implement safeguards for cyberattacks, power outages, equipment failures, and natural disasters — all events that happen frequently enough to warrant our attention and where the...

We’re in the Cloud, So We’re Covered, Right?

For the past decade, conversations within the IT community have been largely dominated by talk of “the cloud” and all of the promise it brings for transforming the way businesses operate. In the eyes of many, the cloud is a magical place where applications scale...

I Was Forced to Make the Toughest Call of My Life

Disasters are often sudden, unexpected, and very overwhelming. The COVID-19 pandemic has been all of those things. I have been involved in disaster recovery, business continuity, and crisis management for more than 30 years. I feel confident I’m well-read on most...

Renewed Vigor: BC and Pandemic Planning

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted millions, shut down the economy, closed thousands of businesses, and altered the way we view business continuity management and pandemic planning. For several years governments and companies have debated if pandemic planning...

Shelters in Places of the Mind: COVID-19 and Dementia

This post first appeared on LinkedIn and the Alzheimer’s Association Washington Chapter blog I am not a member of the medical profession, nor am I a scientist who can opine on the inner make-up of the COVID-19 virus. I am a leader in the business resilience...

The Gorilla Guide to Failproof Cloud DR

White paper sponsored by Datrium, Inc. Failproof disaster recovery? You’re probably wondering how anyone can make such an aggressive claim. If you’ve had to recover from a disaster, you know the process is filled with problems – from corrupt backups to messy VM...