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For business continuity experts, after action reports (AAR) are required documentation following a workplace incident. But imagine being able to complete an AAR before that incident unfolds, fully aware of everything which will happen, every mistake that will be made. Impossible, right? While this wasn’t the exact scenario experienced by MD Financial Management (MD), a financial services firm which serves Canadian physicians and their families, an incident in January 2020 wound up equipping the company to quickly pivot when COVID-19 hit North America full-force later that March. In January, COVID-19 was unfortunately only beginning to hit risk radars, as it…


Matthew Schwarz

Matthew Schwarz is a member of the business continuity management team at MD Financial, based in Ottawa, Canada. He joined the team after working for many years across differing business-operations groups and has worked in the financial sector for most of his professional life. He is a certified lean-six-sigma blackbelt holder, an Associate Business Continuity Professional, and has a degree from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada. He is currently blaming COVID-19 for his poor study habits in French.

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