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gordon tan
Shaking your fist at the computer screen and screaming "Why!" is no longer the most cost effective disaster recovery (DR) solution available to you. SMBs are now being targeted by cloud service providers, giving you DR solutions infinitely more practical than you ever found fist shaking to be. Before I go on, the term "disaster" refers to massive hardware failure, power outages, acts of terrorism and so forth. While you’re more likely to be affected by the former rather than the latter, it’s important to have a DR plan up your sleeve to avoid extensive productivity and business losses. A…
Michael Ray
Business Continuity vs. Incident Command
This will be an overview of the use of business continuity plans vs. an incident command structure with in a...
Deduplication in Virtual Environments Delivers Storage Efficiency
Storage capacity growth, and the incumbent CAPEX and OPEX, are a justifiable concern for IT managers. In most cases, data...
Can Your Organization Survive a National Disaster?
Outages Happen
In late October of 1980, the precursor to the modern internet (ARPAnet) failed for an agonizing four hours. Considered to...