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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 15 November 2007 14:28

CIGNA Embarks On Corporate-Wide Recovery Program To Protect Critical Locations Nationwide

Written by  Laura Willumstad

While many organizations have built recovery programs for their data centers and key application platforms, the balance of their enterprises, including front-line and internal service departments, are increasingly at risk. These departments, often dispersed across wide geographic areas, rely on distributed computing environments as well as traditional legacy systems to deliver services to customers and employees. Just how widespread is the risk? The Comdisco Vulnerability Index, an independent study of the business continuity practices among leading companies, found that only 12 percent of organizations have an effective business continuity program in place for their enterprise-wide operations. Many companies are acutely aware of the risk and recognize the necessity of protecting these functions, but they’re faced with a Catch-22: They need to build recovery programs for their multi-location distributed systems environments, but they’re uncertain of exactly where to start: where are their critical applications and where do they reside throughout the many locations?