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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 15 November 2007 14:59

The Sky is Falling

Written by  Mike Braham

Of all the disasters President Clinton has had to declare during his tenure, he has yet to address the one which could be the largest disaster of all. There should be no doubt that he and other leaders in government and industry should consider the Year 2000 crisis a disaster of epidemic proportions and take appropriate measures to avert it. No, it’s not a major flood claiming hundreds of lives or a hacker attacking another U.S. government computer network, but it’s a disaster nonetheless – a disaster that is virtually certain to affect each and every American citizen in decidedly unpleasant ways.Imagine being told that you can no longer receive your veterans benefits because the checks can no longer be issued properly. Imagine the IRS coming to a halt, unable to collect or process the tax revenue needed to run this country. Imagine the truly destitute unable to receive food stamps,