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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 14:12

How to Survive the Big One: Disaster Recovery Planning in Oracle8i Environments (part one)

Written by  Mark J. Smith and David Edborg

What lunatic would ever invest in a financial instrument with an expected negative rate of return? Most of us do this, buying insurance policies at an expected loss in exchange for covering a devastating but unlikely catastrophe. Planning for disaster recovery is akin to purchasing life insurance. For both insurance and disaster recovery outlays, the expected rate of return is negative. The decision to purchase and implement can always be put off. And for both, if no plans are in place when the worst happens, the problem will be someone else's, because you will be 'dead'. Disaster planning is imperative precisely because your firm likely will die if a workable disaster plan is not in place when the 'big one' hits. We first discuss why and how disaster recovery solutions can be justified. Best practices are outlined, along with their impact on implementation costs. Then, disaster recovery methods are contrasted using Comdisco