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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:13

12 Point Check-up

Written by  Jan Persson, CDP

INTRODUCTION My formal training in the area of disaster recovery began in 1980 following a “near miss” in the computer center. A building under construction next door to the data center (which housed a very large central mainframe and disk system) let loose of about 12 feet of 4x4 construction supports from the 30th floor. It was a rainy evening in Chicago when the incident occurred. The material came through the roof and pierced the ceiling and ended about 2 feet over the CPU. Only by luck no one was injured. Power of course was shut off immediately. The CPU was covered but still sustained some water and debris contamination. Should have been more careful you say? We were. Our lawyer issued a letter of concern, which resulted in 2 additional layers of heavy-duty lumber covering the entire roof. Our insurance was checked and found to be acceptable. And we routinely kept