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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:11

Businesses Scramble for Power in California

Written by  Cole Emerson, CBCP

The headlines lately have said it all. California has been experiencing a major decrease in its power supplies. Brownouts and even blackouts have been very common. Because of this, businesses have suffered. Many have been forced to significantly cut back on their electricity use, run alternate power sources, or even shut down. In this article, I will detail the reasons for the power shortage, explain what some of my California clients have experienced, and provide suggestions for businesses to follow. Some of the problems my California clients have experienced over the past eight or nine months were painful and extremely disruptive and others provided an opportunity for the companies to activate emergency power systems and truly validate over extended timeframes how much load the generators could support and how much fuel the systems would consume per hour. This is viewed as a unique opportunity by those foresighted enough to have sufficient