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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:19

Early Selling for Business Continuity Planning

Written by  Dan Derby

Everyone agrees, upper management commitment is key to DRP/Business Continuity program success. However, no one tells you how to generate those first critical attention-getting conversations to get that support and preliminary funding. It takes resources to build a proposal, yet in these days of increasingly limited corporate funds, you have to convince someone senior that there is an exposure before you can get the resources. This “chicken & egg” problem is particularly tough in the case of DRP & Business Continuity because impact analysis and risk assessments, while they yield exposure insight, are typically executed well after project cycle is approved and underway. So what is key to getting senior staff permission when you haven’t done all the ground work? What’s the “missing link” in Business Continuity planning and is the forgotten chapter in most “how to” courses? First, Think Like the CEO To start with, don’t follow your instincts! By that I