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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:16

Protecting Data in Today's e-Business World: Online Data Backup and Recovery Management Takes

Written by  Tricia Camera

Data, Cornerstone of the New Economy Data is in constant motion, and is the cornerstone of today’s e-Business and the new economy. Storage Support Services have become critical components in an organization’s e-Business initiatives. It’s no wonder that Electronic vaulting’s appearance in small to large-sized companies is quickly becoming more mainstream. The challenges come when planning professionals are responsible to ensure uninterrupted operation and immediate recovery of data in today’s business world. Businesses faced with increasingly narrow recovery windows and “zero tolerance” for disruption will have no choice but to look outside the box for recovery solutions as demands increase. During this e-Business transformation, existing recovery and continuity solutions are becoming more specialized and difficult to integrate within e-Business models. The ability of traditional disaster recovery and business solutions to fulfill corporate objectives in the overall business continuity scheme should be evaluated and a new methodology introduced. It appears that Electronic vaulting is