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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:29

Bulletproofing Microsoft Exchange Software

Written by  Margaret Kelleher

Microsoft Windows has matured into a stable, secure operating environment, capable of delivering efficient and reliable enterprise business services and running mission-critical applications. More and more companies are using Windows to run their Exchange/Outlook e-mail solution because it solves communication needs cost-effectively. According to a Ferris Research survey published on www.nua.com, “Business users spend an average of 49 minutes every day managing their e-mail, and receive an average of 22 e-mail messages every day.” The survey also showed that “42 percent of business Internet users in the U.S. check their work e-mail while on vacation, while 23 percent check it during the weekend when they are not in the office.” When Exchange is down, business suffers, and sometimes the costs can be staggering. As with any successful business system, downtime costs are measured not only by the loss of investment in the application licensing fees or development costs, but also by the price