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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:26

It's The Relationship, Not The Data That Counts

Written by  Bruce L. Rudolph

The rapid adoption of collaborative technologies (e.g., XML, CRM) in today’s intelligent enterprise applications has created new and unforeseen challenges for backup, restoration, and recovery strategies. Business has changed enormously in recent years. Business is going global: corporations set up offices overseas to meet demands for products and services. Simultaneously, the Internet provides access to every business from anywhere in the world. The world economy is moving toward a single global market, placing demands on information technology (IT) systems around-the-clock. And not just our clock. Because the Internet is global and ubiquitous, even planned downtime at any time can result in lost business. Unplanned downtime during peak business hours can be disastrous; even more so as the Internet becomes the primary means for conducting business. The Internet is global and any time of day is a prime business hour somewhere in the world.