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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:36

Protecting Your Data With Adequate Storage, Backup

Written by  Derek Gamrudt

Unexpected business data disasters happen all of the time. They can occur anywhere and do not need to be a headline-grabbing event such as an earthquake or major fire to cause serious problems. Actually, most data disasters are the result of a small mishap – a lost file that was not saved, a thrown out or misplaced disk or tape, an inadvertent deletion of a critical file, or a power surge that wipes out your media. Any “event” that results in lost data can seriously impact a business; lost productivity, degraded customer services, liability problems, and decreased revenues are just a few of the possible negative ramifications. In the areas of e-commerce and transaction processing, the guaranteed availability and reliability of stored information is demanded 24 hours a day, making data backup and protection a critical business function. Today’s businesses cannot afford a data disaster; they must have a data backup