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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:32

Re-Evaluating Our Business Continuity Strategies

Written by  Andre Noenchen, CBCP

Recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. have forced us to look more closely at our disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. We are infinitely more aware of just how vulnerable and fragile our economic and social infrastructures are. The need for truly capable emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery strategies has been clearly demonstrated. Those continuity plans that are capable of nothing more than passing an audit must be exposed and replaced with strategies that are truly workable and meet the critical organizational needs they are designed to support. For most organizations today, this includes ensuring the availability of critical IT resources and services. It is absolutely inconceivable to consider operating a large organization, regardless of the industry, without the mission critical technical resources utilized daily. The availability of computer services is the life-blood of many organizations. This dependency on critical applications and data is increasing at an astonishing rate. Most