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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:25

Collaboration in BCP Skill Development

Written by  Matthew Van Kirk

For the past 28 months, America has experienced one national disaster after another: multi-state blackouts, raging wildfires, floods, violent hurricanes, and more — all leading to costly long-term enterprise and community (local/regional) disruptions. In every instance, these disasters illustrated shortfalls in preparedness and recovery capability across a number of areas, but possibly none as acute as individual and group skill development. After all, people and their skills and resources (or lack thereof) have been, are, and will be the nucleus of every catastrophic occurrence. With the world on edge and the dangers quite real, enterprises can no longer ignore or underestimate the importance of implementing concerted business continuity (BCP) programs. But stand-alone planning is not enough. Each public and private organization is obligated to work with personnel, neighbors, and allies fostering development of the necessary skills and resource management practices that will prepare and protect people, enterprise operations, and numerous assets