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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:21

Leveraging Geographically Diverse Data Centers

Written by  Jeffrey L. Cox

Disaster recovery (DR) plans and other business drivers often lead to multiple data centers outfitted with additional equipment. This approach requires significant and ongoing investments in real estate, computing, storage, and networking infrastructures that may not contribute effectively as possible to the DR, production, development, and test capabilities within the business. Why don’t companies leverage their entire distributed infrastructure for all functions? There have historically been at least two roadblocks to such plans. First, it has been prohibitive to secure sufficient bandwidth connecting the sites to maintain acceptable performance and enable the other uses. Second, software to allow near real-time asynchronous replication of large amounts of data across multiple platforms has not been widely deployed. Recent improvements in both connectivity and storage are poised to maximize the use of these distributed assets. On the first issue, improvements in telecommunications equipment have made it possible to remove the bandwidth constraints between locations. By constructing