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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:26

Systems Continuity on a Shoestring

Written by  J. David Harper

We are used to thinking of disasters on the grand scale – massive power outages, fires, earthquakes, and other news making events. But with information technology resources, even a small event can have catastrophic, far-reaching effects on a business. The failure of an e-mail server can wreak all manor of havoc on an organization that depends on e-mail; the loss of a Web server can cause untold losses to a company that generates revenue through its Web presence. Internal data that is vital to the operations of a business can take many forms, from manufacturing data to customer relations and financial data. Any company forced to fly blind without access to its critical data is at a severe disadvantage. Since a single system failure can have such catastrophic effects, it is vital to consider the threat of a single system failure when designing disaster recovery and business continuity processes. Systems continuity,