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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:26

Who's the boss

Written by  Lee Milligan

It’s often said that, other than your spouse or significant other, you can’t pick your family members. We love our parents and grandparents, but in almost every family, there are people who, had we had the opportunity to select, they might not have been chosen. It’s usually that way with the person to whom we report and where we report in the organization. When we’re hired into a company, or accept a promotion into a position, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to dictate who our boss will be, or in which part of the company he or she will find themselves positioned. It’s too bad, because more than almost any function in the company, business continuity planning needs to be placed in the organization where it can be most effective. Best Case Scenario Placement of business continuity within the organization is of critical importance. Depending on the expected scope of the program,