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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:28

World Headquarters or Mom and Pop Operation

Written by  John Glenn, CRP, CBCP

What’s the Difference for the Business Continuity Planner? What are the basic differences between creating a business continuity plan for a multi-billion dollar corporation and creating a business continuity plan for a mom and pop grocery? How about differences between a business function and IT? By this planner, all plans basically are the same; they have the same basic requirements. The operative word is basic. Each plan has the following segments in common:Determine why the entity (or process or procedure or ...) exists. Identify risks to the “thing.” Rate the risks: what is the probability of the risk occurring versus the impact on the “thing” if the risk occurs. Identify ways to avoid or mitigate the risks. Document what must be done if the risk occurs. Create a training methodology to assure that if the risk occurs, it will be dealt with within the defined time constraints by people who are confident in their skills. Maintain the plan by