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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:50

Improving Storage Utilization: Driving Down Cost and Complexity

Written by  Robert Soderbery

Every IT manager is aware of a fundamental truth about data: it never stops growing. Most of the customers and analysts I talk to tell me that storage grows at 60 to 70 percent each year; some companies report even higher growth rates. The challenge, then, is to better manage where and how this information is stored. As the cost of storage hardware continues to decline, many organizations choose to simply purchase more storage capacity as their data requirements increase. Unfortunately, such a tactic is not an ideal long-term solution. Besides the immediately apparent hardware and labor cost of such an approach, adding capacity also demands additional floor space, real estate, maintenance, and administrators. And every added disk array is an added potential point of system failure. Worse, as companies add storage capacity, they accumulate systems from various hardware vendors, each with its own operating software and utilities. The environment becomes more