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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 00:27

Stay Profitable By Telling the World About Your Business Continuity Plans

Written by  Chris Scheffler

A sound continuity program can differentiate a strong, reliable company from its competitors, but how many business continuity professionals have actually met the company’s potential customers? To really show the value that BCP brings, tell the world how robust continuity planning puts your company ahead of your competitors. As the owners and authors of the BC plans, we know them inside and out, and we are well-suited to describe the plan to prospective customers, insurance carriers, investors and auditors. We also have the most to gain when we highlight the value BC brings. Introduction Does your company sales force have first-hand knowledge about your business continuity plan? If not, how can they convince a prospective customer that your BCP can differentiate your company from your competitors? Similarly, a BCP should assist in developing your insurance program, but does your risk manager have enough information to be effective when highlighting your BC program to the insurance