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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:55

The Incident Preparedness Pyramid

Written by  Doug Sievers, CBCP

Once upon a time, and not very long ago, disaster recovery was born. As a discipline yet in its infancy, its aims were noble and its efforts sharply focused. Its practitioners were few, but with limited resources they strove to achieve technical redundancy for strategically minded business concerns. They banded together and shared insights, with the result that disaster recovery grew and flourished. Its practitioners fertilized the seeds of promise and it soon spawned offspring that were christened with worthy names such as crisis management, emergency response, risk management, impact assessment, contingency planning, business continuity, and many more. They made a happy family, even if they pursued separate paths and neglected to keep in touch. Meanwhile, disaster recovery, the venerable parent, slipped gradually into the shadows, relinquishing the spotlight to its ambitious offspring, yet never doubting its indispensable supporting role. Its devoted practitioners multiplied and dispersed to chaperone the various offspring, as