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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:57

Thinking Outside The Box: Ignored BIA can be costly

Written by  John Glenn, MBCI

A computer magazine article I recently read makes it clear that ...Failing to employ the services of a business continuity planner who “thinks outside the box” and Failing to implement the planner’s recommendations can be expensive for the organization.The article leads off with, “For liability purposes, the courts have declared terrorism to be a predictable security threat.” Security officers seem to be charged with all security interests, both physical and IT, although as in most cases, the (falsely placed) emphasis remains on IT. As a business continuity planner, I wonder where the security officer fits in the business continuity world. Security should be, after all, a critical concern in every business continuity plan. Certainly this person could be a business continuity planner’s resource. But that is not the thrust of this effort. The point of this exercise is the court’s ruling – “the courts have declared terrorism to be a predictable security threat” –