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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 10 March 2014 21:53

Everyone Needs a Place to Sleep


Fortunately, the AmericanRed Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency were able to developa program with their corporate partners that literally brought the massesin off the streets overnight. Through the American Red Cross’Special Transient Accommodations program, and the Federal EmergencyManagement Agency’s Short-Term Lodging program, more than 700,000hurricane evacuees have been housed in 19,000 hotels across the UnitedStates in what has undoubtedly been the largest emergency lodging programever administered. The program, which began last August, continues evenas we approach Spring 2006.Should another large-scaledisaster fall upon American soil a successful business model now existsfor the government to provide temporary housing through the nation’shotel system. While this program was massive in scale and affected manymore people than would typically be employed by any one company, manyof the principles of this unprecedented lodging program are adaptableto a business or