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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 10 March 2014 21:48

Hidden Handicaps Place Everyone at Risk

Written by  JOHN GLENN, MBCI

Atfirst glance, nothing seemed unusual.But on second glance, I discovered the reason for her willingness tobe at the end of the line. The lady was “with child” andapparently felt unable to keep up. Rather than slow others down, orworse, be trampled, she elected to stay back.I’ve written a fair amount about people with handicaps, or tobe politically correct, “impairments.”But, being who I am, I never considered pregnancy a “mobility”handicap. A father of three should have realized this before, but thereis a big difference between being a “father of three” andbeing an expectant mother even for the first time.While the lady in question is a “lady in waiting,” she broughtto mind that new mothers also may move a little slower, and a littlemore carefully, than they did even the day before the new arrival arrived.As business continuity planners we consider the