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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 20:11

Making Partnerships at Home


We at PPBI are all about partnerships, right? That’s true; and, the No. 1 question we receive when in the booth at the DRJ conferences is, “How do I make those partnerships work for me when I go home?” Almost to the word, the response in the booth will offer what has worked for each of us. Let’s take a look at a couple, and I think you will agree the networking and relationship building may make a big difference for you. We’ll first focus an internal partnership a lot of us have depended upon for the best info, some real time “intel.” Facilities folks are the people who maintain the integrity of your environmental infrastructure. Have you met them? I’m not just talking about the managers and supervisors. Have you met any of the mechanics, the trades, the guys who pull the cables, supply the power, the HVAC? These are the guys