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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 19:48

Recession – A Divine Creation

Written by  THEJENDRA BS

A general dictionary defines recession in many ways like, “A period of an economic contraction, an extended decline in business activity, a general global slump that will last several months or years,” and so on.Recession is a nasty time when economic disasters start, stock markets go haywire, mighty organizations drop to their knees, jobs get cut worldwide, best practices become worst practices, and so on. Not to be left behind, the media and management gurus also go high pitched with their own theories of why things failed, whose heads should roll, who should be lynched, statistical gymnastics, witch hunts, etc.During such times you may ask, why on earth do the so-called previous business best practices that gave abundance and happiness until recently suddenly became worst practices now? For this people may say it is because the universe is a random, chaotic dance of meaningless happenings.This may seem true, because we