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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 20:12

Remote Access for Business Continuity: Adding the Human Factor to Disaster Recovery


Business disruptions take many shapes and forms, from hurricanes and earthquakes to man-made problems such as transit strikes. No matter the nature of the disaster, they all have the potential to prevent employees from getting to their place of work — if not to render that place of work uninhabitable. Dealing with such business disruptions requires proper business continuity planning, such that the business can continue to operate in the face of a disruption. Such a plan typically includes detailed disaster recovery plans for servers and data. But it also should consider the human factor: how will workers securely access company data from an alternate location, such as their homes or a temporary office? This requires remote access that can provide secure access to users no matter where they are, at a moment’s notice, with the kind of performance they are used to in the office environment. Too often, when the time