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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 19:25

The Value of Higher Education for the Continuity Professional

Written by  JOHN ORLANDO, Ph.D.

Business continuity management has rapidly emerged as an important business activity. But because business continuity lacks a traditional mandate within the business world, companies are unsure where it fits within the corporate structure. Is it an IT specialization, an aspect of physical security, or a part of risk management? Without a widely recognized space, business continuity gets placed in different locations in different organizations, often landing wherever space happens to be available. “The IT folks are short a position, let’s put it there;” or better yet, “The security director needs more reports, and the IT director is overloaded, so we’ll put it under security.”This puts the business continuity manager into a difficult position. He or she must develop an enterprise-wide business continuity program, bringing together disparate – if not hostile – elements of the organization into a cooperative program. The business continuity profession must not only manage without authority –