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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009 19:58

Virtualization and Business Continuity: Balancing Risk and Reward


One of the hottest topics in today’s IT corridors is the uses and benefits of virtualization technologies. IT professionals everywhere are implementing virtualization for a variety of business needs, driven by opportunities to improve server usage and flexibility, address business continuity and reduce operational costs. Server rooms across the world are full of machines designed to deliver just one application or service to the business. The ability to consolidate multiple, physical servers onto a single server running multiple, virtual machines is an attractive way of eliminating physical server sprawl and making more efficient use of a much smaller number of physical servers. Whether it’s a set of printers to support a new business department or a test system for change control, every new requirement has historically spawned a new, physical server. These servers typically ran at very low load levels and may have been used sporadically. Virtualizing such servers delivers immediate benefits