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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 April 2010 10:23

'GoT Com' Breathing New Life into the Business Continuity Glossary of Terms


We really should come to terms with one another. To be more specific, we should collaborate to populate and update our profession’s glossary of terms.The glossary serves as the primary reference for all Disaster Recovery Journal/Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) endeavors. We want our glossary to meet the need for all of our stakeholders. The more current and comprehensive we make it, the less our stakeholders must do to augment it, or worse, to maintain a separate glossary.As of this writing, the glossary already contains 218 terms. But we dare not rest on the laurels of past efforts. Change continues to occur all around us and drives the need for an evolving glossary. Members of our profession are working to meet the challenging recovery requirements of the organizations which they support. Technology transformation never stops. The tools supporting our vocation continuously improve. Unfortunately, the risks facing our supported