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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 April 2010 12:28

H1N1 - Another Y2K or the Best Thing to Happen to BC in Years?


The criticisms have already started; H1N1 was just hype and scaremongering. It was all a con. There never was a pandemic. It was just another Y2K. But you know what? Yes, it was another Y2K. It was a major threat that was managed well and didn’t do the damage it might!Any of you who worked through the Y2K time will know just how many lines of code were corrected, and in the end there were few problems worldwide. If nothing had been done then the dire predictions would have proved to be true. In many ways it was the largest and most successful IT project ever undertaken. It worked!So let’s stop apologizing and stress what went well, how much better prepared many organizations are now, and how we will face such problems in the future with renewed confidence.Early in the pandemic planning we developed the seven Ps of pandemic planning