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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 April 2010 12:24

Real Hurricane Preparedness for Business

Written by  CHRIS HEBERT

So far, it’s been a somewhat historic and spectacular winter across the U.S., but the 2010 hurricane season is fast approaching. Have you reviewed your hurricane plan lately? Many plans still rely on ineffective triggers such as proximity to a hurricane or a hurricane’s projected Saffir-Simpson classification. Such reliance could be very costly the next time a hurricane threatens your area. After the devastating 2005 hurricane season, I undertook to examine a number of hurricane plans from various types of businesses and came up with recommendations for improvement. For the most part, I found that most businesses have a rather poor understanding of hurricane wind structure, potential storm surge, movement, and forecast accuracy. For others, that first step of developing an accurate action timeline can be challenging.Developing Your TimelineMany businesses employ a phased hurricane plan, grouping preparatory actions at specific times prior to the arrival of a hurricane. Sometimes it’s hard to determine when