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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 April 2010 12:31

The PPBI Best Practices Award


PPBI created an industry award to recognize some of those who in a sports analogy would be “All Stars” or perhaps an MVP. This award is called the “PPBI Best Practices Award.” This article is meant to inform you about the justification, the mechanics and the process we at PPBI use in recognizing and awarding this unique perspective of how we all make a difference.The first PPBI Best Practices Award was presented in 2002 and that ”Inaugural Award” as we called it was supported by our friends at Disaster Recovery Journal with enthusiasm. You see, we as industry have been slow to recognize excellence in how we do our jobs. To start that process PPBI deeded an award as follows: “In an effort to … build partnerships and bring all stakeholders together in the planning process, meeting their counterparts in the private and public domains; training together prior to an event; an