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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 18:30

Changes Coming?

Written by  BOB ARNOLD

In life you always hear the old saying, "the only thing in life that is guaranteed is death and taxes." In listening to our keynote speaker at Spring World 2011, I would have to add something else to this list: change! Change is a constant thing in life. Whether it is in your personal life or professional life, change is always present. Change is everywhere. How we accept and adapt to this change is key to how effective we are as business continuity planners.In the more than 20 years I have been involved in this profession, I have seen the profession progress to an incredibly important role within every organization. The skill sets required to adequately investigate risks, research the impacts of these risks and methodically implement solutions (changes) to reduce or eliminate these risk is a task not many can succeed at. That is why adaption is such a