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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 19:28

Cross-Training Should Be SOP

Written by  JOHN GLENN

Cross-training often is overlooked as a business continuity “tool” that benefits an organization beyond business continuity.Cross-training maximizes an organization’s personnel return on investment (ROI) by assuring that all – or at least most – personnel are able to perform multiple jobs.Cross-training should be standard operating procedure (SOP) if for no other reason than people take vacations, get sick, retire, or quit for any number of reasons.Everyone’s a RiflemanIn the U.S. Marines, everyone who wins the Globe and Anchor is a rifleman – or to be politically correct, “rifleperson;” it makes no difference if the person is a rankless “slick sleeve” or the Corps commander with a galaxy of stars on epilates. If you are a Marine, you are a rifleman.Marines also may be something else – radio operator, pilot, whatever – but before all else, they are riflemen. They are cross-trained to be proficient in multiple jobs.When this scrivener was